Giải pháp Hadoop

Supermicro’s Hadoop server and node designs have been created to focus on getting a powerful and balanced cluster up and running-as as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help your team innovate as quickly and effectively as possible. In working closely with customers, Hadoop distribution companies, and data engineering companies; Supermicro has created simple, upgradeable, turn-key, powerful and complete systems, designed to take the guesswork out of selecting the correct servers for the various roles nodes play in your Hadoop cluster.

Utilizing big data analytics is no longer a question of when, but how. Enterprises deploying Hadoop solutions need a high performance, scalable and reliable infrastructure and can expend a large amount of resource searching for the best architecture and the most capable solution provider. The Supermicro Hadoop Solutions are certified server, storage, networking, software and service configurations that take the guesswork out of designing and deploying a truly scalable Big Data infrastructure.


Supermicro Hadoop Cluster Solution Offerings

7 Different customized cluster configurations to deliver optimized performance for your Big Data Solution:

  • PoC Cluster
  • High Capacity Cluster
  • IO Optimized Cluster
  • High Density Compute Cluster
  • Large Memory & Storage Cluster
  • Balanced Cluster
  • Large Memory Cluste
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High-Performance Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructure