Containers are revolutionizing the way developers “build, ship, and run” applications.

Time to rethink your application infrastructure with software-defined container-converged solutions built on Docker and Kubernetes frameworks and NexentaEdge scale-out storage.

Container-Converged Infrastructure

  • Simply deploy and scale any containerized application, stateful or stateless, on scale-out cluster providing compute, network and storage services
  • Hardware based on x86 server cluster architecture trends that have enabled hyper-converged, with a renewed focus on applications instead of virtual machines
  • Unprecedented levels of agility, flexibility and efficiency, at any scale. Allocate resources to applications and eliminate the overhead of virtual machines

  • Docker based software-defined infrastructure for compute, network and storage
  • NexentaEdge scale-out storage with Docker Volume Plugin serving native block, NFS file and S3 object services
  • Deployed, run and managed using Docker command line, Docker Swarm and Docker Universal Control Plane.

Superior Storage Services for Your Applications

NexentaEdge based container-converged deployment benefits from a full-featured scale-out storage platform that provides standard block, NFS file and S3 object services to any applications. This allows a wide variety of application to be supported, whether they depend on block, file of object.