It’s no question that all-flash arrays offer organizations huge benefits. What if you could increase performance and reduce storage latency at a lower TCO than your current storage by choosing the right all-flash storage solution? Nexenta Software-Defined Storage solutions offer your the ability accomplish all of this an more and more.

Key Benefits of Nexenta’s All-Flash Software-Defined Solutions


Nexenta All-Flash Solutions

Nexenta All-Flash configurations deliver high IOPS and sub-millisecond latency for small random IO workloads that are typical of databases, enterprise applications and high performance private cloud (VMware, OpenStack and Hyper–V) environments.

Scale-Out SDS for Cloud Native Applications

Our all-flash scale-out solutions deliver high-performance block, file and object storage services with limitless scalability you can rely on.

NexentaEdge All-Flash Customizable Configurations

We believe you should have the flexibility to choose a storage solution that fits your needs and allows you to seamlessly manage multiple workloads. We specifically designed our scale-out software to support you every step of the way and to ensure you get the best solution for your business.

To explore the different hardware options for NexentaEdge, simply review the NexentaEdge Hardware Configuration Guidelines.

To learn more about NexentaEdge, click here

Full-Featured SDS for Enterprise Applications 

Our all-flash scale-up solutions provide unified file and block capabilities with unparalleled simplicity and reliability.

NexentaStor All-Flash Certified Reference Architectures

Nexenta works closely with partners across our hardware ecosystem to test, qualify, and certify all-flash reference architectures.

To review Nexenta’s Hardware Compatibility List and set of Reference Architectures from Dell, Lenovo, Supermicro and others, click here

NexentaStor All-Flash Certified Appliances

Supermicro All-Flash Unified Storage Appliance powered by NexentaStor
Supermicro’s All-Flash Unified Storage Appliance is a high-performance, low latency, High Availability solution all in one chassis. To learn more, click here